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Leila Al-Qobbi: Visually Impaired but Still Practicing

Despite her visual disability, Leila Al-Qobbi was able to engrave her name in the path of her legal profession. Losing her eyesight did not stop her from pursuing her life and study.

The young Saudi graduated from King Abdulaziz University by using braille and audio books for the blind. Although she was denied a job due to her disability a couple of times, she is now known as the first blind Saudi female lawyer to practice law.

Al-Qobbi is among 102 other female lawyers in the Kingdom to pursue a successful career in the legal profession.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, she thanked the Saudi Ministry of Justice and the firm that offered her training, giving her the opportunity to achieve her goal.

The young lawyer believes that issues with practical training needs to be addressed by the Saudi society to help people like her with visual impairment to achieve their full potential.

Al-Qobbi’s first case was a financial lawsuit, quite unlike majority of Saudi female lawyers who usually plead in personal status lawsuits.

“The society is still shocked at how a blind person can be a successful lawyer,” she said in her Al-Arabiya interview. “I have too much faith in God that He will never fail me. I wasn’t expecting to get the practicing lawyer’s license. I’m very optimistic now in pursuing my dreams. I want every person with ambition to believe in themselves and never retreat.”

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