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The Staples of an Autumn-Inspired Natural Makeup Look

Makeup trends change from season to season. Some of them disappear and new ones appear, and now with the sun saying its goodbyes, we're here for fall season and all it's glory. However with each season coming with its specific occasions, you're going to require different looks and styles.

Unlike the usual summer palette, which is bright, strong, and was specifically electric this summer, the autumn look is warm with soft earthy palette colors, and most importantly natural and subtle. Here's your tips to get a fresh autumn-inspired makeup look:

Skin Prep
The most important step for the any make-up look is clean and moisturized skin. Ahead of the application of the makeup, your skin must be prepared well by moisturizing with a cream that is rich in acids and vitamins, and compatible to your skin type.

Semi-Matte Formulas Are Your Friend
You need to switch up your foundation type for fall. We’re looking for skin that is not too dry or not too dewy. Choose a foundation with a semi-matte slight glow. You can apply it all over your face or mix it with a moisturizing cream.

Unified Eye-Shadows
This trend was heavily seen and practiced in summer 2019 makeup trends, and is suitable for autumn as well. While the unified eye shadow look was strong in bright colors for the past few months, for pumpkin season you can opt for earthy tones such as brown, bronze and copper.

Dark Lipstick
Ah, the staple that marks the change of seasons. Make your autumn visage season-ready by choosing a dark lipstick such as mulberry, violet or burgundy. Be sure to pair your lip color with soft eye shades such as pink or light copper. This color mix will give you an attractive subtle makeup look.

Blush Instead of Bronzer
While being a bronzed goddess is desired in summer, rosy cheeks are here to stay for now. Bronzer makes your features darker while blush with its light shades enhances your skin’s vitality, and increases its freshness and radiance – which is much needed when the sun starts to disappear. Choose it in light pink or pink-wooden shades.

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