Contemporary Art in Dubai: The Italian Vanity Art Exhibition

If you’re an art lover with a soft spot for contemporary Italian pieces, the Italian Vanity Art Exhibition in Dubai is right up your alley.

'The Last Show' by Domenica Vivace

Artists like Leonardo da Vinci may have placed Italy at the top of the world’s cultural map, but that shouldn’t stop us from appreciating the Mediterranean country’s modern artists. And Dubai residents have the chance at the upcoming Italian Vanity Art Exhibition. Taking place from 4-10 May at the Mall of the Emirates’s Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre, the exposition aims to promote Italian visual arts and fledgling Italian artists living in Dubai. With curator Gina Affinito at the helm, it shines a spotlight on these artists’ approach to contemporary art. What’s more, the exposition, to be held in The Gallery of Light, covers numerous artistic mediums, including sculpture, photography, and installation art. Some of the artists on display include Paolo Perelli, Alessandra Lanese, Giulia Lauritano and Silvestre Angelina.

'Smoke' by Giovanni Antico Gagliardini

'Equus' by Mauro Molle

Admission is free and an English and Italian speaking hostess will be there to welcome visitors.

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