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Huda Beauty’s Longest Lasting Liner Has Just Launched

Having taken three years to formulate and perfect, Huda Beauty has just launched the “Life Liner”, her longest lasting liquid liner yet. Huda Kattan has been revered for her forever perfect and classic winged eyeliner, and now that the “Life Liner” has just landed in stores, you can finally achieve her look too.

The product itself is a hybrid between a liquid and pencil liner, is smudge proof, water proof and is the kind of intense black you might be looking for in every other eyeliner you’ve tried in the past.

In a YouTube video, Huda spoke about the latest product in her infamous Huda Beauty range, “When we were asked to do an eyeliner I always said no, no, we’re never doing an eyeliner - there are amazing eyeliners out there we could never do an eyeliner until it’s different in some way. I am really proud to show you guys Life Liner. I will tell you guys it is the blackest, the mattest, the most long-lasting eyeliner.”

Formulating the long lasting eyeliner took the beauty mogul three years, and the shape of the brush took another three months to perfect due to it being made from high molecular weight silicone, silicone resins and an anhydrous formula for high intensity making for a smooth and accurate application of the surprisingly lightweight consistency of the product.

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