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Ice Cream Lovers in UAE Will Love These New Options

The heat in the UAE is the perfect excuse to enjoy a delicious new frozen treat.

It might be back to school and business these days, but the scorching summer temperatures in the region don’t seem to be dropping any time soon. However, the good news for foodies with a sweet tooth is that cool treats are the ideal way to fend off the temperature while rushing around to get everything ready. Here are two of our favourite new cold and refreshing pick-me-up options in the UAE that will undoubtedly help you beat the heat and take your taste buds on a sweet journey.

The Oreo Blast at Scoopi Café

The Oreo Blast from Scoopi Café is especially for all those Oreo lovers out there. Working with a super fresh range of flavours and meticulous artisan skills, the staff at the homegrown concept in Dubai’s Jumeirah have truly created a treat that will tickle your taste buds. Can you imagine classic vanilla ice cream, topped with crunchy Oreos and dollops of rich Nutella sauce, all perfectly harmonised with fluffy marshmallows? What’s more, the scrumptious concoction is also an utter pleasure to look at thanks to the creative idea of pulling all the elements together with liquid nitrogen.

M’OISHÎ’s New Flavours

This summer, M’OISHÎ, the UAE’s first and only homegrown mochi ice cream manufacturer, introduced a limited-edition menu with six unique flavours. Whether you want to order in or meet your friends, the playful bite-sized ice cream options wrapped in a traditional Japanese mochi rice cake are the perfect refreshing delicacy.

The company that uses a variety of premium raw ingredients, sourced from Japan and the UAE, to curate an extensive range of 100 percent natural (preservative and GMO-free) flavours has added flavours like the revitalising Iced Coffee, rich Saffron and the creamy Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate, which comes with mouthwatering little chocolate nibs. The other new flavours that are sure to satisfy your summer cravings are Lotus, which has a soft cookie core, and the lighter sorbet-based Mixed Berries that is brimming with juicy summer flavours. Crème Brulée, M’OISHÎ’s interpretation of the classic French dessert, served with bits of crunchy caramel, is the sixth delicious new addition.

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