The US Joins Modest Fashion Week Train with Miami Modest Fashion Week

The first-ever American international modest fashion week is set to celebrate the best from the world of demure dressing and focuses on combining fashion and trade show.

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Miami will be hosting the first-ever modest fashion week in the US. The event, called Miami Modest Fashion Week (MMFW), will take place from November 30 till December 2, uniting fashion brands, retailers, influencers, designers and models from around the globe. With the beachside Intercontinental Hotel Miami as the venue, the fashion week is all about diversity, creativity, education, authenticity and the future of modest fashion.

“I believe that Modest-style Fashion Week will cause a wow effect and will resonate with many,” Norsham Mohamad-Garcia, the Founder of the three-day event told Riomoda. “In America, there are a lot of mass markets, behind which identity is lost. Modest designers are very creative and create unique clothes. Americans are very fond of original clothes, the thirst for exclusivity is a big plus for modest designers,” the immigrant who comes from a small Malaysian village and has lived in Miami for 13 years added. Mohamad-Garcia is also the Managing Director of the Connector Group International, a marketing agency that will sponsor the event.


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According to MMFW organisers, the event that is taking place during Art Basel 2019 and is to be held annually will “unite the industry's best talents in the most dynamic strategy which will translate into stronger shows for designers, buyers, and brands in the modest fashion industry for future generations.” As well as modest wear, modest resort wear and menswear will be showcased. And while raising global awareness, the event will include educational talks, with seminars from some international modest influencers, interactive experiences and a discussion about fashion in blockchain.

Demure dressing, a multi-billion dollars industry, is truly on the rise in the fashion world. Modest fashion consumer spending is expected to rise to $368 billion by 2021 according to a report by Thompson Reuters. And the US is the latest to join the impressive number of dedicated modest fashion weeks happening all over the world. Events have taken place in Milan, Istanbul, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and London. 

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