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5 Things You Should Know About the Abu Dhabi Awards 2019

The Abu Dhabi Awards are the highest form of honor for residents of the UAE and were first established in 2005 to thank select people who have made efforts and dedicated their lives to the growth and betterment of the emirate.

Running bi-annually, these are the 5 things you should know about this year’s event:

Paying It Forward
Positivity and good deeds are at the forefront of the awards this year and this cycle, the Abu Dhabi Awards will be hosting a number of community-led events which will take place over the nomination period. This will run until December 2019, and will be a chance for citizens of Abu Dhabi to participate in the events in order to give back to the community.

You Don’t Have To Live in Abu Dhabi To Be Nominated
There is only one criteria required to be eligible to be the recipient of an Abu Dhabi Award, and that is to have made a noteworthy contribution to the emirate’s betterment and development. You can be from anywhere in the world, there is no limit to age, nationality or background.

Every Deed Is Eligible
Previous winners of the highest honor for the citizens of Abu Dhabi have been children, photographers, environmentalists and doctors, to name just a few. No deed is too small (or too big) to be up for this prize, and there are no specific categories to be nominated! There is also the fact that you only need one submission to have someone’s efforts and work to be recognized, as there is no voting system.

Takes Less Than 5 Minutes To Nominate
You can nominate someone, anyone, who’s work or good deeds you think should be recognized and rewarded on the Abu Dhabi Award’s website and it takes just 5 minutes.

The Awards Are a Tribute to the Founding Father of the Nation
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s belief in acts of kindness and generosity are an inspiration for the Abu Dhabi Awards. He had great faith in humanity and believed that every human has the capacity to support and have a duty of care for their communities.

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