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Shine On, Huda Kattan’s New Campaign Is About Self-Love and Embracing Our Uniqueness

The uplifting 'Glittermarks’ campaign features glitter à gogo.


Making us feel empowered by our bodies is at the top of many international companies’ agenda, with lots using body positivity campaigns to get the message through. Body positive influencers are also doing their share of the work by helping their followers become more confident in their own skin. And now make-up mogul Huda Kattan has come up with an unbelievably emboldening campaign that celebrates self-love in all skin colours, skin conditions and beyond.


A Self Love Campaign in Collaboration with @hudabeauty i was a part of a few months ago With my @glitterstretchmarks concept, but before saying anything about this project I have something to say about the artwork I posted last night..Apparently a lot of people had a say about me & my art yesterday , and not just my art, the picture of a girl I used yesterday as my canvas, I was trying my best to respond to each and every comment having something negative to say about the model I used , the more comments I read, the more I realised how insensitive and insecure we all are deep down ourselves, Especially the ones who had to say something negative! How can you be so cruel with your words and publicaly comment on someone’s body perfectly sculpted or not! whom you have never met, never seen in person or even follow as a model.There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with men & women having perfect bodies! Maybe this women whom you see as a perfect shaped woman, can’t speak? Or hear, or maybe she was once a plus size woman and it was her own choice to lose weight and look this way!Maybe this was her achievement! Can we for not once judge people, artists Infact any human being for how they look , before meeting or knowing them personally!I have used many women of different shapes and sizes as my art pieces, I myself am a plus size artist! Working on different projects for the ones with unique and gifted bodies! This video that you see was a collaboration with @hudabeauty and these amazing body positive artists from different parts of the world! I personally met and talked to them and how unique and insanely successful were they in their own ways! Creating glitter stretchmarks on the most beautiful women in this world not just beautiful but an amazing BOSS woman & a Mother! I’ve realised we all have our own stories to tell ! Be more accepting be more respectful towards the one who are showing and are out there telling their stories! You just never know what you learn from them that might change your life! And maybe someday YOU have a story tell !

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The Iraqi-American founder of Huda Beauty, who was named the third most powerful beauty star in the world on Forbes’s first-ever compilation of influencers earlier this year, wants us not only to accept our flaws, but let them shine bright. For her latest campaign, Glittermarks, the Dubai-based beauty maven has collaborated with Pakistani dentist-turned crystal artist Sara Shakeel, who has become famous for her dazzling images. The ad shows them using glitter pens to fill in stretch marks, dark circles and various other imperfections we usually try to hide.

 “Beauty, I think, to so many people has been this idea of perfection and we feel at Huda Beauty, now more than ever, it’s about you. It’s about embracing all of who you are, every single aspect of who you are. It’s really taking something that may have been perceived as not so beautiful and putting something really beautiful like glitter on it,” the award-winning Kattan, who has always been a proponent of making the beauty world more inclusive and amenable, says in the behind the scenes video of the campaign.


I can’t tell you how passionate I am to create a happy and KIND beauty brand that everyone belongs to! For the longest time, beauty has been a tool of division, and we want to make it a tool for unity. It’s not something that is for some people and not others. We’ve talked about inclusivity being limited to skin tone, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, but we want to take it one step further. If you have had “flaws” you were literally considered less beautiful, which is BULLSHIT! We found some badass people who knew their uniqueness made them powerful, and by embracing it, they inspire us to be stronger, love ourselves more, and appreciate that things that make us different, keep the beauty industry exciting. I am beyond proud of our brand for doing this campaign, but I am committed to everyone in the world to Change the Face of Beauty. Come with us on this campaign, and please help us! We need you guys to ignite this movement, because everyone deserves to feel beautiful, loved, and fabulously powerful. @huda @marimaria @mamacaxx @samuelfriberg @deborahmoreno1 @sarashakeel

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While talking to Glamour UK, Kattan, 35, also said: “We have a mission here and it really is to make people feel welcome in beauty. To make them feel like everyone is a part of. It’s not just about skin tone and skin colour – it’s so much deeper. We’re here to tell everyone who has something unique about themselves that they are a part of this conversation, are leading the conversation and are the future of beauty.”

Kattan, who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, stars in the campaign herself, filling in the stretch marks on her stomach with silver glitter. And the entrepreneur has succeeded in making it a major diversity win with a carefully selected handful of ambassadors with incredible stories.


Minha primeira campanha internacional com @hudabeauty I loooooove you

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Mari Maria is one of Brazil’s most famous beauty influencers, and in the campaign she uses glitter to enhance her gorgeous trademark freckles. Another one making an appearance is Haitan-American blogger, model, activist and motivational speaker Mama Cax. In the campaign her amputated leg, a result of being diagnosed with bone and lung cancer, is adorned with sparkles. Then there’s Deborah Morena, a model who has had vitiligo since the age of five, enhancing her skin condition with glitter galore. Plus, London-based Samuel Friberg features in the campaign while covering the birthmark on his face, which he talks about openly on social media.

Watch the video here:

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