40 Million Viewers Tune in to Sayidaty Moments in Its First Week of Launching

Sayidaty Moments channel on Snapchat reached over 40 million views during the first week of its launch on the 8th of August last week. Sayidaty Moments is one of the first Arabic channels on the application that shows real and direct content from Snapchat users. The cool initiative is based on the user creating content with his/her own videos and photos, and broadcasting it by clicking on the ‘OUR STORY’ option when sending, making this content available to as many people as possible in his/her own country.

This amazing accomplishment follows the series of successes of the Sayidaty channel on Snapchat Discover since its launch in May 2017. The channel attracts a whopping 10 billion views, and over 2.4 million subscribers daily.

The channel’s strategy revolves around broadcasting authentic and genuine content posted by social media users on their accounts, through which they document their daily errands, special moments, or even their opinions on some topics. The ideas generated by these users worldwide kick-start real-time conversations online, and through this process, these chats and discussions might result in probable development of subsequent projects.

The "First Moment" idea on the Sayidaty Moments channel originated when Snapchat users all participated in performing “The Secret of Living" (Sirr Al-Hayat), a song by Aseel Hamim - which has become one of the most listened-to songs in the region since its release on YouTube in June. The 22 top videos for the best performers of this song were sent to the ‘OUR STORY’ option, and were such a huge hit that in addition to the 40 million views, the idea attracted more than 70 thousand daily subscribers to the channel.

How Do You Participate in the Channel?
Anyone can! Sayidaty Moments receives all posts on different topics which will be posted during the month, and you can share your moments through these three steps:

  1. Record a video of what you want to share with the world on your phone. Be it a talent you have, a happy occasion you’re celebrating, a beautiful view you’re enjoying or anything you want.
  2. Write on the video "Sayidaty Moments" so the channel can find it and post it.
  3. Post the video you recorded to your Snapchat account by sending it to the ‘OUR STORY’ option.

Don't forget to always send your featured clips to Sayidati's other social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Sayidaty’s magazines and websites have more than 21 online pages, accounts and channels on social media sites, with new and daily content reaching more than 50 million subscribers every 30 to 60 minutes. The content of these sites is managed by a team of creative creators in the field of digital and social media, and in several Saudi Research and Marketing Group offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and London.

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