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6 Healthy Eating Habits at Work

There are some simple, healthy office habits you can follow to stay in shape despite all that time spent sitting and the vending machine around the corner. Here are some tips from nutritionist Lama Dalloul.

1. Eat breakfast:

Breakfast sets your metabolism for the day. People who eat breakfast end up eating less during the day than those who don’t. Secondly, people who don’t skip breakfast feel energetic throughout the day.

2. Keep a water bottle within your vicinity:

It not only hydrates and detoxifies your body but also regulates all bodily functions as every enzymatic and chemical reaction occurs in the presence of water.

3. Take your breaks:

Breaks create piece of mind, bringing energy and focus, which result in productivity. They also help relieve stress, which otherwise causes food cravings and high blood pressure. Grab convenient yet healthy snacks between your meals like green tea, mixed nuts, granola bars, fruit or low fat yogurt.

4. Pack your lunch and make it tasty:

If you eat things that don’t taste good, you won’t be satisfied and you’ll end up searching for more unhealthy options like cookies or doughnuts.

5. Eat lunch away from your desk:

When you eat your lunch while responding to your emails, you may as well be eating your emails. It is better to focus on the act of eating, which will help you digest your food better. You will also remember eating your meal and will feel more satisfied, preventing the need for that cookie downstairs.

6. Be mindful of your coffee intakes:

Be careful with drinking over two cups of coffee per day. The high amount of caffeine causes dehydration, normally mistaken as hunger. Replace some coffee with green tea, which gives you that boost you need to keep you going until the end of the day.

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