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The 4 Arab Films Showing at Swiss Film Festival That Need To Be on Your Watch List

The 72nd edition of the annual Locarno Film Festival starts this week and is set to screen some of the Arab world’s newest must see films.

Larissa Sansour on set

The eleven-day film showcase will be attended by revered names from within the global film industry where they will gather to celebrate international movies and “cross border” collaborative projects. The event isn’t as huge as Venice or Cannes, but there have been some globally renowned directors who made their debuts at Locarno, including Spike Lee and Abbas Kiarostami.

The Swiss film festival will be hosting submissions from every continent, and the Arab world will most definitely be making waves as Arab directors, including Syrian Maya Khouri and Basim Magdy of Egypt will be showing their latest productions and these are the ones we’re hoping to catch.

In Vitro

A sci-fi like submission from Palestinian director, Larissa Sansour and Danish director, Soren Lind, who depict 2 scientists who live in an underground space following an environmental disaster. The film also focuses on the stories of a number of generations of Palestinian women, following the ways in which they deal with trauma and their longing for the past.

143 Sahara Street

A unique production by Algerian director, Hassen Ferhani, in his unusual documentary style, focuses on the manager of a small hut in the Sahara desert. The narrative looks at the main character, Malika, and the funny, unexpected, and sometimes heartwarming encounters she has with a number of clients. At other times, it highlights her own search for peace in her little kiosk in the middle of the desert.

Companions of the Cave

A short film by Tunisian photographer and videographer-turned-director Fakhri El Ghezal, which follows the journey of rappers Jojo M, Galaaa and the director himself. Looking at their move from Tunisia to France, exploring the challenges they face with migration.

Baghdad in My Shadow

In this film, by revered Iraqi-Swiss director Samir, Baghdad in My Shadow looks at the lives of the Iraqi migration of people in London, touching on their perspectives and views on Iraqi identity. The film brings all of the characters together in a drastic turn of events.

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