A Little Las Vegas Is Taking Place in Dubai

This year on November 8th, Dubai will see something incredibly Insta-worthy and something that’s only ever happened in Vegas in the past.

Las Vegas’ Rise festival is on its first ever international tour and Dubai is one of the destinations that will see the night sky light up with thousands of floating lanterns. With no further information yet released about Rise, the festival reportedly will host top musical acts that will make the experience all the more one for the senses – sonically and visually, making it a night to remember.

Rise had its first ever gig at the Mojave Desert, and in the past years has seen over 100,000 attendees, so it was only right that the event be bought to Dubai’s majestic and vast deserts.

Keeping in mind to be environmentally aware, Rise promises an eco-friendly presence in Dubai as each lantern will be modified to be metal and plastic free, and 100% biodegradable. The stunning festival’s philosophy is to “Leave it better than we found it”, pertaining to the fact that after the night is over, all litter and lanterns will be removed and cleared from the environment.

Going strong since 2014, Rise has been sold out for every annual event, so we recommend you grab your early bird tickets on the Rise website.

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