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The ‘Lucky Eye’ Collection: A Salutation to the Region from Messika Paris

The must-have pieces with the talisman beloved in the Middle East will definitely become your everyday essentials.

The eye of protection is credited with warding off devious glares by jealous people, which are believed to manifest into a curse that brings misfortune to the receiver. In the Middle East, wearing the lucky charm on jewellery is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to shield oneself from evil eyes and spells.  What’s more, while the benevolent symbol that has endured centuries casts its protection, it is believed to attract good fortune and prosperity on the wearer. 

Messika Paris is the one of the latest jewellery brands to tap into the Middle East’s fascination with the evil eye. The French modern jewellery and high jewellery brand, which is worn by icons like Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne and considers Gigi Hadid as a muse, has created an ode to the region with the new Lucky Eye collection.

Always looking into the trends then adding her unique design codes, Valérie Messika, the brand’s Founder and Creative Director, has redesigned the good-luck eye motif. In the collection of stunning pendants, rings and bracelets, the modern reinterpretation of the traditional symbol comes in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold, with pavé-set diamond options. As well as elevating any look, the on-trend pieces are perfect for mixing, matching and stacking.

1. The Lucky Eye Rings

The Lucky Eye diamond ring in 18-carat gold comes in a contemporary style and design. Slightly open with striking angles, the stylised shape of the eye is complemented by the diamonds that represent its pupil: a brilliant-cut diamond set off by a halo of micro-set diamonds.

2. The Lucky Eye Bracelets

The Lucky Eye bracelet in 18-carat gold is another stunner from the collection. While the chain is connected to the contours of the eye, the real magic happens at the centre of the eye, where a sparkling diamond is set off by a radiant halo.

3. The Lucky Eye Necklaces

With its arresting angles and the Joy XS design motif in the middle, the Lucky Eye necklace in 18-carat gold truly stands out. It’s entirely handmade, plus the chain is adorned with diamonds, a creative and luxurious touch that has become one of the maison’s glitzy signature details.

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