A Group of Saudi Senior Citizens Make It to Everest’s Base Camp

With so much in the news about the incredible things young Saudi citizens are doing, we may have been missing a trick by not noticing that the senior citizens of the kingdom are too going above and beyond to prove they’ve still got it.

A group of 16 Saudi senior citizens have just reached Mount Everest, the largest mountain in Nepal and reached the summit’s base camp at 5,364 meters. The trip was arranged by a local tourism company, Akam Al Jazerah, who took the group of senior adventurers on a 15-day journey.

The elderly explorers faced some tough environmental conditions, and health issues, but managed to triumphantly raise the Saudi flag at the magnificent mountain’s base camp, despite being seniors and retirees.

As reported by Arab News, some of the elders of the group of 16 unfortunately suffered some health problems, but were resilient all the same and persisted after receiving fast medical help. Following the days of climbing, reaching the mountain’s base was quite the achievement and the team celebrated their success at the Saudi embassy in Nepal, where they were awarded with certificates for their efforts.

Not the first Saudis to have attempted scaling Mount Everest, it was Farouk Saad Hamad Al Zuman who became the first Saudi to have reached the mountain’s peak in 2008, followed by Saudi’s Prince Bandar bin Khalid bin Fahd, who was also the first Saudi to complete the Seven Summits challenge, reaching the highest mountain peaks on the world’s 7 continents.

The first ever Saudi woman to have climbed Mount Everest was Raha Moharrak who, after months of training, scaled the mountain in 2013.

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