A Paule Ka Riviera-Inspired Collection To Steal Your Heart

Whether the pieces come in colour-blocks, pastels or flashy mimosa and huge fleur-de-lis prints, elegance and delicacy lead the way.

The South of France conjures up images of beachside promenades and eateries, azure Mediterranean waters and effortlessly stylish women that seem to have stepped right out of a glossy magazine. Well, if you’re wondering how you can easily emulate that classic French Riviera chic, all you need to do is turn to Paule Ka’s Resort 2020 collection.

The Parisian brand is transporting us to the South of France with Maxime Simoëns’s first collection. Whether it’s the pastels, flashy colour-blocks or sun and poppy tones, the pieces are “lit up by all the shades” of the beautiful region. More specifically, the hues chosen by Simoëns, who has been developing and enriching the brand’s French “stylistic vocabulary” since he became Artistic Director in March, were inspired by the facades of Provence houses.

Floral patterns include mimosas, scattered on a blazer for example, and oversized fleur-de-lis, giving the stylized lily that’s mostly known from the former royal arms of France a new twist. Denim has also been incorporated and the atelier has worked it like a jacquard on dresses and jackets.

For power dressers, there are suits with elevated waists and flared trousers in gorgeous colours, including pink, as well as those that come with graphic stripes, plus launder-collar blouses and cross-cut jackets. When it comes to winning sunset looks, glamorous midi and long dresses, whether a flowing lively green one or a polka-dot chiffon number, are lined with contrasting ruffles that mirror the waves on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, there are some graceful shorter pieces with youthful, mischievous touches, like structured skater skirts and dresses featuring pleats.

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