The New Mouawad 'Dragon Suite' Necklace has the Largest Round Yellow Diamond in the World

The 129-year-old family-run jewellery company is always crafting the extraordinary.

Jeweller to royalty, celebrities, high society and discerning clients who appreciate dazzling craftsmanship, Mouawad has unveiled the new Mouawad Dragon Suite. The undisputed highlight of the magnificent suite is the Dragon necklace, which features the largest round brilliant vivid yellow diamond in the world.

The 54.21-carat diamond, one of the most spectacular in the world, is called the Mouawad Dragon as its colour is reminiscent of a dragon’s magical powers and fiery eye. And it was crafted from the rough by skilled artisans at the company that’s steeped in rich traditions and guided forward by its fourth generation.

Unveiled during an exclusive private viewing in the Mouawad Dubai Mall boutique on Monday, the one-of-a-kind jewellery suite also comprises a bracelet, earrings and ring. The entire set is made from five Fancy Vivid and Deep yellow diamonds, totalling over 153 carats, and 432 white diamonds.

“It has been an immense honour and thrill to craft the extraordinary Mouawad Dragon diamond from the rough and then to continue this creative process by designing a masterpiece that befits its dazzling beauty. The result is truly breath-taking,” Fred Mouawad, the Co-Guardian of the Diamond Division commented.

His brother, Pascal Mouawad, who is the Co-Guardian of the Retail Division, said the jaw-dropping Mouawad Dragon diamond inspired the expert designers and highly skilled artisans. “They united their exceptional talent to create an ensemble that could complement this extraordinary gem while creating a legendary work of art. It is a privilege to now share the experience of seeing this in person with others,” he added.

One of the lucky guests at the launch was none other than our girl crush Hala Abdallah. The Saudi digital media influencer didn’t hesitate to share a selfie wearing the spectacular suite with her 2.2 million followers on Instagram. “Feeling like Jasmin but richer…Wearing the biggest round vivid yellow diamond in the WORLD,” the 27-year-old beauty captioned it.

Founded in Beirut in 1890, Mouawad undoubtedly has one of the world's most impressive gem collections, including Dynasty, a 51.12 carat Russian diamond. The eponymous brand is also known for teaming up with Victoria's Secret to craft astounding gem-encrusted bras for the lingerie maker's fashion shows.

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