This Instagrammer Styles Food To Make Healthy Desserts For Your Children

This colourful and creative Instagram account will surely help you to get your kids eating more fruit and vegetables.

If you’re trying to get your kids to stop reaching out for the chocolate bars and eat more healthily, culinary creative Sine is the one to turn to. Her Foodbites Instagram account is full of ultra-cute characters mainly made from fruit. Whether it’s the banana penguins, the strawberry mice, beaver avocadoes or mango giraffes, the edible works of art are bound to get fussy eaters interested.

Some of her jaw-dropping work sees her filling banana skins with kiwis to create loveable peas in a pod and carving a watermelon to create Mr. Jawsome, a shark with a wide toothy grin. The mother-of-three also often organises the fruit into vibrant, artistically-appealing arrangements, ranging from star shapes and hearts to geometric designs and echoing patterns.

There’s defitnitely a playful sense and oodles of boundless imagination behind Sine’s multi-coloured and innovative fruit-themed food art. And by dipping in melted chocolate, using drizzles of icing or topping with sprinkles, kids feel they are indulging in a sweet treat while fruit remains the main ingredient.

Using confectionary to create cartoon eyes, animated mouths or delightful paws is another clever way to get children to tuck into some fruit. To add a dessert-like aesthetic, Sine, who has 253,000 followers on Instagram, also uses cookie cutters, lollipop sticks and ice cream cones.

As well as brightening everyone’s day, the delectable food art helps children realise food doesn’t have to be totally covered in something sugary to be delicious or exciting. 

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