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5 Things the UAE Is Doing To Implement Artificial Intelligence

The UAE has spent the last few years focusing on futuristic tech to better the environment and benefit the lifestyles and businesses of its citizens. Now, with bigger goals in mind, the country has a mission for Artificial Intelligence to play a vital role in society by 2071 as part of its Centennial project.

In the Arab world, the UAE ranks number 1 when it comes to welcoming AI and high end tech and these are the 5 ways in which the Emirati government are using it to enhance the everyday:

The UAE’s Ministry of Artificial Intelligence
The UAE government established its Ministry of Artificial Intelligence in 2017 with a view to implement high end AI tech into various aspects of the workings of the country, along with aiding the government to run the country in an efficient manner.

The country’s Ministry of AI is led by Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama, and is aiding the education sectors, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to implement artificial intelligence into the school curriculum so that students can prepare for the “jobs of the future.”

A smart move on behalf of the government, and always 10 steps ahead, the ministry will be passing laws that govern AI, as will push for the UAE to become the global nucleus for all things AI.

Artificial Intelligence Will Be Apparent in Healthcare Sector
Not only will AI play a huge role in the education sector, it will also be incorporated within the healthcare sector. The UAE is already taking significant strides, as the Health Authority in Dubai has most recently developed a scheme that makes use of robotics and artificial intelligence to carry out surgical procedures with precision.

Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance Aviation & Transport
World famous airline, Emirates is on board with AI and is currently developing an AI aide, that will be programmed to assist travelers prior to their flight and after. Not only is Emirates advancing on its customer experience using artificial intelligence, the UAE’s aviation authorities also signed up to aim to use AI in managing air traffic.

Not taking any risks when it comes to the safety and security of UAE citizens, Dubai airports announced that they would be implementing robotics to “detect faces of wanted criminals, as well as report any suspicious person or activity,” as reported by StepFeed.

The Country’s Vision Is for Artificial Intelligence To Be at the Forefront of Its Economy
The UAE is set to be benefit from its major investments in high-end technology and the sector is predicted to fund the country with estimated contributions to be around 14% of 2030’s national GDP – so what’s that in actual money? A cool USD $96 billion.

Artificial Intelligence Startups Are Important to the UAE
All part of the UAE’s plans to invest in and implement AI in various aspects of life and government activities, the country couldn’t be more encouraging when it comes to homegrown talents.

Derq, a Dubai based AI startup, collected USD $1.5 million in “seed funding” in 2018, after having graduated from TechStars Mobility Accelerator, with the objective to develop smarter cars and make roads a safer place for drivers.

At present, Dubai is home to 29 registered AI startups alone since the city is proactive in delivering programs and initiatives to aid them and help establish and develop the startups.

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