A Look at Dolce & Gabbana's Stunning Fall/Winter '19 Abaya Collection

In 2016, Dolce & Gabbana designed a first-of-its-kind collection for customers looking for something a bit demurer, launching a range of abayas and hijabs in its signature prints, a first for the fashion label. This month, the Italian fashion brand is making headlines once again with the launch of its latest Fall/Winter Abaya Collection.

According to Buro247, the new collection comprises abayas and matching hijabs and turbans, in a range of iconic Dolce & Gabbana prints such as bright florals, leopard patterns, and polka dots. The collection also offers matching top and trouser sets.

The Italian luxury house has been strengthening its presence in the region over the last few years, from creating stunning pieces that appeal to Muslim customers, to creating an ‘Abaya Make Up Look line that launched this year, to holding its first ever show last year in October. The mega event saw 120 international models showcasing men and womenswear.

Speaking to Gulf News about the runway show, Stefano Gabbana said, “We love Dubai very much. We are extremely excited to come back. It is a dynamic city with thousands of attractions: you’re able find everything you want. It is a modern and cosmopolitan metropolis where you can shop for spices, fabrics, carpets, typical objects... everything we love.”

Aside from creating fashion must-haves designed for the modern and modest woman, Dolce & Gabbana has been in the news lately for other inclusive reasons. According to Telegraph, the Italian label has been reasserting its commitment to catering to all kinds of women by extending the range of its sizes beyond that of any other fashion house, now offering fashion items up to an Italian size 54 (U.K. 22).

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