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Saudi Arabia Issues Visas in Just Three Minutes for Visitors Attending Jeddah Season Events

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Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia announced as part of its drive to advance its entertainment and tourism sectors the creation of Saudi Seasons, a series of events and programs aimed at transforming the Kingdom into one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. One of the Seasons under this larger umbrella has already commenced and is delighting locals and expats alike: Jeddah Season, which offers a staggering 150-plus events and activities scheduled to run until July 18.

The creation of Saudi Seasons has been welcome news for residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia, and now foreigners interested in visiting the Kingdom to attend one the events can also rejoice: just this week, the Saudi Arabia announced that visitors buying online tickets for Jeddah Season events will be able to get an e-tourism visa in a matter of minutes as well. As reported by Arab News, the announcement came as the city’s 40-day “Sea and Culture” festival of fun and entertainment continued with the launch of a schedule of international shows and plays being presented for the first time in the Kingdom.

According to the news site, Jeddah Season started off on June 8 with a concert by Emirati singer Ahlam, followed by a performance by Saudi vocalist Mohammed Abdo on day two, and then a show by Egyptian pop singer Amr Diab on day three. Scheduled for the upcoming weeks are a series of entertainment, sport, culture, and art events that will be held across five main destinations around the city.

With regards to arts, a number of renowned institutions are taking part in Jeddah Season such as Jameel House of Traditional Arts located in Historic Jeddah, which will host around 45 workshops every day from 5 PM to 11 PM. For its finale, Jeddah Season is set to end with an MTV music festival, featuring a number of international stars, as well as fireworks lighting the skies of city over the course of the Season. 

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