The Historic Palace of King Abdul Aziz Was the Place To Be During Eid


One of Saudi Arabia’s government’s main priorities is to rapidly develop the kingdom’s tourism sector and this year, there are 11 tourism seasons highlighting all of the touristic hotspots across the country: The Eastern Region (Sharqiya) Season, Ramadan Season, Eid Al-Fitr Season, Jeddah Season, Taif Season, Eid Al-Adha Season, National Day Season, Riyadh Season, Diriyah Season, Al-Ula Season and Ha’il Season.

During Eid, Al-Saih was alive with visitors who enjoyed a guided tour of the King Abdul Aziz Palace, as the Saudi tourism authority works on restoring the building and making it known as one of the most important palaces in the world. The palace is just 80 years old, and is being reinstated in order to maintain its “ancient Islamic” architecture.

The palace was built in two parts, one of them being the western palace, which was the first phase to be built for the purpose of receiving guests and officials of the then king, King Abdul Aziz. The second part of the building, the eastern palace, which was the home of the king and his family, along with a 160 meter bridge for the royal’s car.

Supervised by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, Al-Saih is thought to be the modern capital and economic nucleus of the Al Kharg governorate. The city of Al-Saih was established following the unification of Saudi Arabia, which was an enterprise by King Abdul Aziz, who founded it.

In order to drive tourism, Al-Saih has received large investments and is also the base for a number of highly important political and economic facilities.

Images courtesy of @photogr_fahad

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