The Next Generation of Virtual Reality Touches Down in Riyadh with this First Multi-Player Option

Riyadh residents can now enjoy getting together with friends, family or colleagues in a fun-filled simulated and totally immersive environment.

With the ability to look around freely and interact with the three-dimensional virtual environment, virtual reality is an experience unlike any other. However, one of the delights of life is sharing cool experiences with friends and that’s why a multi-player game can be that much more thrilling.

The fantastic news for gaming enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia is that the next generation of multi-player virtual reality gaming can now be enjoyed in Riyadh’s Salma Center. Zero Latency’s brand-new arena provides an award-winning large-scale immersive experience over 600 square metres of floor space. And the Australia-based pioneering leader in in warehouse scale, free-roam, multi-player virtual reality gaming is offering an experience where guests, along with their friends, family or colleagues, enter the virtual world together.

Also designed for individual gamers, the games have the range of entertainment including Engineerium, Zombie Survival and Singularity to name a few. Players can see each other as full-motion avatars and can communicate through headsets to talk, strategise and have fun with their friends. They can also experience what it’s like to walk on a new planet or fight for survival, working as a team to fight off Zombies or Alien Robots. 

 With the absence of physical walls and a universe that’s free from cords and wires, up to eight players can freely roam, walk, explore and play together through complex and varied virtual terrains. The team is equipped with state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets, headphones, military-style backpacks and controllers where all their movements are replicated in the game.

“Residents of Riyadh are always on the lookout for fun activities, the latest trends in gaming technology and new entertainment experiences to enjoy,” Doran Davies, CEO of Zero Latency in the Middle East, said. “Zero latency is a perfect fit for the Saudi market given the community’s hunger for new technology and entertainment.” She also explained how the company extends a unique experience as it has eliminated the motion sickness sometimes associated with virtual reality through a combination of technology and proprietary software.

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