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Saudi Travel Brand Reminds Us of the Magic of Ramadan

With Ramadan coming to an end, the spirit of the holy month still surrounds us all and is a constant reminder to practice generosity, kindness, tolerance and peace. Aiming to convey the spirit of Ramadan to the furthest corners of the world, Saudi Arabian travel brand, Almosafer, has just launched a campaign entitled “ As Far As We Go”, to encourage the idea of travelling far and wide to unite different cultures.

The omni-channel platform’s latest advertisement features a young Saudi girl who travels to the North Pole to meet Father Christmas (Santa Claus), where she is guided by a plethora of other children to where she would be able to find Santa himself. Upon arrival to Santa’s cabin, she offers him two dates that she was given by an air hostess on her journey to the North Pole, and shares them with him as she wishes him a blessed Ramadan.

The ad also features and original sound track with the same name as the campaign as it enforces the message of the importance of Ramadan and maintaining a tolerant, holy mind and spirit.

Almosafer pride themselves on offering up unique journeys throughout the month of Ramadan, and this campaign has been the perfect way to capture people’s attention to maintain the spirit of Ramadan no matter where they are in the world.

Several of the airlines associated with the brand offer up special services during Ramadan for their travelers, including Emirates who are revered for their Ramadan services which accommodate millions of Muslim journey makers throughout the holy month.

This holy month, Emirates pledged to “serve a million dates to customers during iftar and suhoor, both on board and on the ground in Dubai."

You can watch Almosafer’s touching Ramadan campaign here:

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