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An Arabic Web Series To Reel You in Post Ramadan

A brand new Arab web series is coming to Facebook and you won’t want to miss it.

The Arab production company responsible for popular TV shows including 3al6ayer, Noon Alniswa, Aldor Al3asher, Eysh Elly, and Ana W Heya, Uturn Entertainment is releasing a brand-new TV show on Facebook to help you beat post Ramadan blues.

Uturn’s collaboration with Facebook will debut their new show on the social platform, entitled Setto 52, three days before any other online platforms during the festive month. Entitled Setto 52, the show is focused around Setto, a puppet character who embodies a typical Arab grandmother.

Well versed in life advice, Setto is the focal character offering her wealth of wisdom and life experience to her guests on the show, as well as viewers. Celebrity guests will be featuring on the show, as well as Zodiac predictions by Setto herself, and talk of drama filled WhatsApp group chats.

The celebrity guests we can expect to make appearances on the show include, Saudi Arabian designer, Nasiba Hafiz and her husband, and social media influencer siblings, Naif and Nawwaf Al Dhufairi, to name just a couple. If you have a life issue that needs resolving, you as a viewer, will get the opportunity to share your problem with Setto via her live Instagram and Facebook sittings following the pilot episode.

Facebook’s new initiative has the objective to increase engaging Arabic content on the social media platform, and Setto 52 is the perfect addition to that vision, and even more accessible to viewers using its interactive live sessions.

Strategic Media Partnerships for Entertainment, MENA & Turkey at Facebook, Sara Abu Zahra said in a statement, “Online video consumption continues to be at an all-time high in the MENA region, especially during a month like Ramadan which brings people closer together […] We aim to strengthen Facebook’s position as a home for video storytelling region and look forward to many more partnerships like this in the future.”

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