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Dr Apa: Stepping Up Your Beauty Game with the Right Smile

The aesthetic and restorative dentistry expert, AKA ‘The Dental Rockstar’ is known for having a roster of celebrity clients, including Chloë Sevigny, Huda Kattan and Elsa Hosk.

Many have written about the power of a smile and Apa Aesthetics, the brainchild of renowned New York celebrity dentist Dr Michael Apa, is without a doubt helping to provide women that added clout. Highly regarded in his field of work, Apa frequently appears on TV shows and in magazines and has been honoured with accolades like the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Science. He is also behind Apa Beauty, a revolutionary line of oral care cosmetics.

The New York University trained surgeon, who established the first undergraduate aesthetics programme at the same institution, talks about his cutting-edge signature procedures and his luxury, bespoke clinic in Dubai, the first to feature its own lab.

Tell us about the Direct Aesthetic Provisional Application available in your renowned Jumeirah clinic.
The toughest part about our job is to try and convey what we can achieve to our patients to meet their desires. We can now do it multiple ways. Over the years I have crafted the art of being able to place temporary material directly on top of the patients’ teeth at the time of the visit to give them a very good idea of what the result will look like, called the Direct Aesthetic Provisional Application. Patients can come in for the consultation and leave with a good understanding of what we can achieve with the treatment.

So do patients essentially become co-designers of their own treatment?
We listen to the patients’ concerns and then try to explain and address how we can achieve what they want.

You became a celebrity dentist due to the amazing results in your New York clinic. Does the Dubai clinic offer all the same advanced treatments?
The idea of the Dubai clinic was to replicate our NY office in a different location. I thought Dubai would be the perfect place. We have brought every specialty, our laboratory partnership, the technology and trained the staff from the NY office to give a similar experience.

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So what are some of the other latest signature treatments you provide?
There are many ways to get to the same place we like to get to…and that is we make teeth look like beautiful, natural teeth with whatever situation presents itself. Meaning if the patients need simple veneers, implant surgery, or a full mouth reconstruction, in the end we will make it look and function like teeth and that is not always easy to do.

Other than the treatments, what makes your clinic different?
Everything makes us different. It’s not something I can’t cheapen with words, you’ll just have to come in for a visit and experience it yourself.

If a woman has good teeth, what does it say about her?
It’s a sign of health, beauty, style… and it’s personality. Your smile gives you personality.

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How much of an aesthetic difference do teeth make?
They make all the difference. Teeth really control the support to the lower third of the face.  They are the brightest, most visible part of the overall facial beauty and can say a lot not only about your health, but also say something about how you’ve taken care of yourself.

What are some of the consequences of bad oral hygiene?
They include everything, from cavities to bad breath, all the way to tooth loss and inability to eat.

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