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3 Ramadan-Inspired Décor Collections to Provide That Perfect Setting for Eid 2019

Raise the décor quotient this Eid with some pieces that are a great fit for the Muslim home.

Apart from some great food, good story-telling skills and upbeat music, all you need to create a whole new world of entertainment this Eid is some stellar décor. Call us biased, but adding decorative items and tableware inspired by the region is the one of the most striking (and apt) ways to beautify your home for those celebratory parties and get-togethers.

Here are three collections that instantly caught our eye:

Crate and Barrel’s Locally Designed Collection Embodying Arabic Culture

Especially curated for the UAE market, Crate and Barrel launched a Ramadan collection with artisanal dinnerware and décor, which you can buy on their e-commerce website as well as their retail stores.

The American furniture and homeware brand enlisted three regional designers to help create the line inspired by calligraphy art and oriental colours, and each designer brings a unique touch to the table.

Product design studio Kashida moulds 3D calligraphy into functional pieces, while Silsal Design House infuses art into tableware, bringing the charm of a historical era into the modern home.

Blending classical and contemporary, Amina Gallery designs timeless home accessories that fit into various interior design styles.

A Ramadan Collection from Homegrown Brand Lava Candles

To celebrate the month of giving and blessing, LAVA launched two Ramadan-inspired concepts. The first creation from the luxury and contemporary handcrafted candle maker is “Ramadan Spirit.”

Sculpted into the shape of a traditional crescent moon, its scent has a fresh, fruity and floral feel that embraces the hearty energy of the morning sun. Lime and pomegranate make up the attractive top notes without compromising on its more aromatic and dynamic bottom notes, tobacco and vanilla. Heliotrope flower and cinnamon are the middle notes of the candle that has a zesty warmth that stimulates and revives the senses.

“Ramadan Nights,” a haven of peace and quiet, is the second Ramadan-themed candle from the brand that was founded in 2016 by Emirati royalty.

Coming in the shape of a star that oversees the desert sands when all have disappeared, it has a poetic fragrance with traditional Arabian notes. Bottom notes oud (agarwood) and sandalwood are merged with middle notes rose and nutmeg, while the orange top notes are shaped as a traditional 5-point star.


Sisal’s ‘Majesic’ Collection Celebrating the Art and Architecture of the Islamic World

Silsal, the creative brand known for its contextual and elegant home ware that is Inspired by the Middle East’s rich artistic heritage, launched the “Majestic” collection during Ramadan.

The collection is heavily inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Mughal era, which is renowned for its extraordinary decorative art. And while drawing upon the Mughals’ rich artistic heritage, the collection brings the charm of a bygone age into the modern home.

Vibrant motifs of fantastical flora and exotic foliage, all hand-lined in 22-carat gold, appear throughout the “Majestic” collection, which spans tableware, serve ware and decorative objects.

Elsewhere, the drama unfolds in the rich colour palette of 14 different Pantone hues. While the collection from the region’s first and largest home ware brand celebrates a unique moment in history, the minimalist shapes and efficient materials take contemporary living into consideration.

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