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Check out the Amazing Transformation of an Old Caravan into a Holiday Home

It’s called Bluebird Penthouse, it has a hot tub in the form of a vintage truck, and it is fully booked for the season.

This gorgeous van inspired by the 1950s was nothing but a run-down vehcicle, something that looks like it belongs in a junkyard. Ralph Westmacott saw potential in the shabby caravan, and decided to give it a complete makeover.

After 2,000 man hours were spent working on it, the van now is a vintage holiday house that has gained unbelievable tourist attraction. Everything about the premise is stunning, from the inside fifties decoration to the outside scenery and the gorgeous Jacuzzi made out of another run-down vehicle, down to every detail. If you’re looking for your next quirky holiday destination, be sure to give this a consideration.

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