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This Artist Uses Broken Pieces To Create Beautiful Artworks

Kristen Meyer utilizes broken eggshells, biscuits, and even herbs to create geometric shapes of cylinders, rectangles, and squares. The resulting figures are beautiful, intricate, and their patterns so mesmerizing.

She spends hours spacing and positing the pieces into fixed 14 inch-diameter (35.5cm) circles or 12 inch (30.5cm) squares. Her materials are usually sourced from sticks, scattered flower petals, or food constituents. Depending on what type of supplies she is using, some of the art pieces can take as long as four hours.

Meyer talks about her muse, “I draw inspiration from the shapes, colours, and textures in nature but I'm also very inspired by modern architecture and clean city lines. I try to use the natural shape of whatever it is I'm using. It sort of dictates the direction of my design.”

She also stated that the materials she uses depend on the season and literally what she finds, “I also enjoy the challenge of finding ordinary objects around the house, transforming them into something special, and giving them new life. Sometimes I find objects that spark an idea and other times the idea comes first and the materials have to be sourced which can take a bit of time.”

The talented artists also talked about different materials yield different time. The nuts and seeds circle she created recently took four hours to be finalized, although the circle made of sticks took around 30 minutes.

"My favourite piece changes frequently but at the moment, I would say it's the circle of eggshells.”

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