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Saudi Brand GHAZAL Should Be on Your Shopping List and Here’s Why

Ghazal Kurdi is founder and designer at her eponymous brand, GHAZAL. Describing her brand as “classy, quality and timeless”, the label launched in 2017 and prides itself on its quality, detail and use of luxe fabrics from Europe.

With two seasonal releases, including an 'Oriental' collection which comes out during Ramadan, this Saudi homegrown brand can be found at Jeddah’s Homegrown Market pop up concept space which showcases national fashion and design talents.

Speaking to Arab News, Kurdi spoke about her inspirations behind her exclusive clothing designs and her ambitious hopes for GHAZAL, “Each collection reminds me of a period of my life that inspired me to create it. So each one, for me, is unique.”

"In five years, Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge) will wear our brand, and in 10 years, alongside a flagship store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, we will have a branch in each of the world’s fashion capitals. That is my vision,” Kurdi stated expressing her ambitions and dreams.

'Oriental' by GHAZAL was released this Ramadan and the next collection is set to be released for Fall/Winter this September. Many Saudi influencers and personalities are already a huge fan of this homegrown label, including Suha Nowailty, who is a popular TV host in the kingdom.

Kurdi speaking about Nowailty wearing the label, said, “She wore our brand, as did Yasmeen Dakheel, Bayan Linjawi, and Ghaila Mahmoudi too, and from Kuwait, we have Hanan Dashti who has one of the biggest makeup brands in the country.”

Having perfected her own fashion design and business skills after studying it and deciding to launch her own label, Ghazal Kurdi shares her advice to aspiring designers, “Do not wait, do not listen to anyone’s negativity and stay close to those who encourage you and are positive. Do not aim for the money, just aim for your passion and money will follow. Success is not easy, but it is not difficult to achieve if you are in love with what you do.”

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