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The Nou Project’s New Collection: When Contemporary Art Meets Streetwear

The Nou Project goes beyond cool sneakers and streetwear – it’s a brand that cleverly makes limited edition wearable contemporary art. The Saudi brand, launched by Nour Al Tamimi and co-designer Basma Chidiac, who look to collaborate with emerging art talents, have just launched a new range of their classic sneakers.

The new “ultra-low tops” by The Nou Project come in 3 new colors: grey, navy and burgundy. Speaking to Arab News, Al Tamimi stated that the brand wants people to “walk with a statement”, especially when there are, mainly in a previous collection, political statements being made through modern art.

The new collection of sneakers was released at a pop up event where they sold the sneakers at a 50% discount for the night and had the option of having them customized by a calligrapher and 2 artists.

Al Tamimi and Chidiac not only give emerging art talents a platform, but also pride their merchandise on the fact that it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The Nou Project utilizes Micro Fiber material, otherwise referred to as “vegan leather” and have become revered for their recycled rubber soles.

Using political and social thought-provoking art work on their sneakers, the first collection was a major success and resulted in the brand becoming known as “Saudi’s first major sneaker brand.” Nour Al Tamimi once said, “I had no idea this would become my life today. It’s exciting to be the first Saudi sneaker brand — that’s a milestone in itself.”

The Nou Projects latest sneakers are adorned with the work of artists, Franz Klainseck, Nika Fontaine and Baron Von Fancy whose works are distinctive in their own styles.

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