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Get To Know This Inspirational Saudi Arabian Woman, Randah Al-Hothali

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia knows no shortage when it comes to philanthropies and charity work. The humanitarian sector in the country is booming as many young women and men are thriving in voluntary work and helping others with great passion.

One name in particular caught our eye this week, and that would be the commendable Randah Al-Hothali who is not only quite the humanitarian, but she also has an impressive career on her.

About Her Education and Profession

Al-Hothali earned her bachelor and master degrees in Economics, and International & Political Trade from George Mason University in the USA. She is employed as a Commercial and Economic Counselor at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, and worked on several projects supporting the kingdom in the United States, including official ceremonies and conferences in which she represented her country in the strongest and best image.

About Her Passion

Randah has been engaged in voluntary work since 2011. She starting in social volunteering at the Saudi Club at GMU in Virginia and then in a non-profit organization called Hand in Hand (Yadan Biyad). Her work included renovating mosques, visiting retirement homes, and aiding in blood donation campaigns. Her most recent venture was in an organization called Joy of Youth, which focuses on humanitarian services through voluntary initiatives.

The Saudi superwoman is a permanent member of the World Federation of United Nations Friends, Head of International Outreach in the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen, and Director of Strategic Communication at Joy of Youth.

She regularly visits Yemen to support Yemeni girls and women in their everyday battles to gain access to education, health, and shelter. On her last trip, she wrote in a tweet: "I saw in their joy a remedy, and in their eyes a passion for life, and because the strength of nations lie in their women, let us be their support."

About Her Work in Ramadan

Randah's passion for volunteerism increases during the month of Ramadan. Her program this month includes eftar distribution campaigns in Madinah, Jeddah, and Riyadh. She is also tackling the wellbeing aspect through a campaign, which aims to spread health awareness in under-privileged neighborhoods, provide medical consultation and appropriate treatment for them.

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