The Saudi Arabian Bowling Federation Is Launching Its 5th Women's Championship in Al Khobar

Saudi Arabia has been intensifying its investment in the athletics and women's sports after the launch of Vision 2030. Everything Saudis need to excel in the field of sports has become available from facilities to specialized federations, everyone is in this together. There seems to be a national message is interested in spreading exercise, better health and fitness.

Thus, the Saudi Bowling Federation has resumed organizing women's championships, and with the support of national cadres to award four Saudi Arabian women certificates for first-level training.

The fifth edition of the tournament will be held on Saturday 18 May with the participation of 70 contestants from several countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Tanzania, Yemen, Philippines and Saudi Arabia. It will be hosted in Al Khobar City in the Kossaibi Center for Bowling, and the awards are as follows:

  • 1st place: SAR 5,000
  • 2nd place: SAR 3,000
  • 3rd place: SAR 2,000

The first all-female Saudi bowling team

Dr. Razan Baker, member of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Bowling Association, revealed the importance of such tournaments. “Women's bowling championships contribute greatly to spreading the game spirit among Saudi women and revealing many talents of different ages, which helps us prepare them for the challenges, and consequently achievements. There are great names in the game, that are always keen to be present with us in these types of event which is a strong incentive  and motivator.”

She added: “The Federation is keen to support this game, and to get acquainted with the group interested in bowling. We want to know their strengths to bring in the specialized trainers to help them. This is what happened in Riyadh, the Eastern Province, and Jeddah, we trained a number of women and provide courses for them licensed by the European Union. The ladies who have received certification for that are are Mashael Al-Abdoahid, Nahla Ads, Wissam al-Harbi, and Aisha al-Ajmi.”

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