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Give the Gift of Open-Heart Surgery to Children in Need This Ramadan

The Novick Cardiac Alliance, which helps save children’s lives by providing free, first-rate open-heart surgeries in the MENA region and around the globe, is reaching out to the Islamic community.

This Ramadan the Novick Cardiac Alliance (NCA) has launched its first-ever LaunchGood crowdfunding campaign. The non-governmental organisation that provides free, top-tier open-heart surgeries for children suffering from congenital heart disease in low-and-middle income countries will be sending all generous contributions directly to field programmes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The contributions will help save thousands of children who are in desperate need of cardiac surgery and might not survive without it. As well as assisting children in countries where NCA already has set-ups, like Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya, contributions will go towards helping the organisation open potential new site locations around the world.


Moataz was born in Libya with Tetralogy of Fallot and small pulmonary arteries. We first met Moataz in 2014, when he was a only a few months old and received his first heart surgery by our team. Last week, Moataz underwent his second open heart surgery to completely repair his defects. As a thank you, he gave our team a handprint he made. Now five years old, Moataz’s heart is healed and he is ready to start school. He is a real super hero! #happyheart #miraclemonday #chdawareness #chd #heartsurgery #tetralogyoffallot #tof #libya #heartwarrior #chdwarrior #savealife #cardiology #pediatrics #volunteer #humanitarian #bethechange

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For its important campaign NCA chose the LaunchGood platform, which is focused on the Muslim community worldwide, because so much of its work is located in Islamic countries around the globe.

“We are a high-impact group of surgeons, doctors, nurses and clinicians, and we are saving the children from a sure death. That gives us the unique ability to change perceptions about our respective countries,” Dr William Novick, the Founder of NCA and a renowned paediatric cardiac surgeon , said. Novick, who has worked in 34 countries and led or organised teams which have provided approximately 10,000 surgeries on children with congenital or acquired heart disease since 1991, added, “We want the people of the world to know that we are a caring, giving and compassionate people, only wanting to help.” 


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About The Novick Cardiac Alliance
Led by Dr William Novick, who founded Novick Cardiac Alliance (NCA) in 2014, the non-governmental organisation has a team of world-class paediatric cardiac surgeons, clinicians and nurses who travel wherever they need to be to provide free, live-saving open-heart surgeries to children. With a dedicated full-time staff at every clinical level, NCA can execute more trips each year, allowing them to operate on more children than any other organisation. In 2018 alone, NCA's teams performed over 440 surgeries.

Novick Cardiac Alliance Volunteering Team

Another fact that makes NCA stand out is that they provide hands-on training in the countries they work in. “Our team trains and educates local surgeons, nurses and clinicians downrange in the countries NCA visits. When we are visiting a country for the first time, our larger team helps to simultaneously train the local team, so they can continue saving lives long after our visit,” explains Novick. Plus, by providing the surgeries, NCA empowers the family and community with a healthy individual, who will eventually become a contributing member of that society.

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