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Meet Tawaseef Al-Mokbel, the Only Saudi Journalist Attending Edward R. Murrow Program on US Foreign Policy

Saudi Arabian writer and journalist Tawaseef Al-Mokbel participated in the Edward R. Murrow Program on Foreign Policy of the United States of America, which was founded in 1940. The convention is basically comprised of courses that span over a 22-day period.

Tawaseef Al-Mokbel is the only Saudi Arabian woman invited to this convention, but her career accomplishments don’t stop there. Al-Mokbel is a studying for a master degree in modern and contemporary European and American history. The journalist is also a researcher in political and military history, a member of the International Federation of Historians, and the secretary of the Saudi Society for Political Science.

Al-Mokbel appreciated the efforts exerted by the United States of America in rapprochement and exchange of views on political, intellectual and cultural affairs in this program and the interest of the young leadership in the Arab world, who she believes will positively contribute to enhancing future relations between their countries and the United States.

The Edward R. Murrow Program focuses on American foreign policy in the Middle East and Africa, the definition of the American federal system of governance, the importance of the role of think tanks in formulating foreign policy, the congressional oversight of foreign policy and the challenges faced by the media, in addition to an exchange of ideas on the most important files in the Middle East and Africa.

The program also gives the participants opportunities of meeting with US governors and Congress members. The journalists will also get to visit think tanks and press organizations, with the participation and presence of medias and writers from Arab countries including Kuwait, Iraq, Tunisia, Jordan, Sudan, Chad, Lebanon, Palestine, with aims to build mutual understanding between the United States and other countries.

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