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This Hijabi Blogger Is Using Her Scarf Brand To Raise Funds for the Education of Girls

Around the world, the rise of the hijabi influencer has been prominent over the last couple of years, from names like UK-based Habibi da Silva, who has over 850,000 followers on Instagram, to Kuwaiti American Ascia, who has a staggering 2.6 million followers. One woman has joined the echelon of leading hijabi bloggers and she’s doing it with an altruistic agenda.

London-based Maryam Salam is one of Nigeria’s biggest modest fashion influencers who not only is an inspirational figure in terms of modest style, but is also a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding, and a post-graduate degree in Entrepreneurship and International business. With her sense of trendy-yet-subtle fashion and her business know-how, Salam has now created a line of scarves that she is using to help others.

Speaking to Bella Naija Style, Salam explained that she created her brand, Arewa Scarves, as a social enterprise that not only offers a selection of high-quality head coverings for every skin tone but also provides an effective fund-raising platform to benefit girl-child education in Nigeria. The blogger explained that for every purchase made, £1 is donated to Arewa Scarves’ charity partner Global Hope Integrated Empowerment, which is an NGO in Nigeria focused on women and children.


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“Arewa Scarves is more than a fashion brand but we hope it will become a movement/community where we can impact lives while still looking beautiful. It’s about coming together to support a cause: The girl-child and children in general for something we might see as little but impactful […] Our target audience is first young people that believe in our brand promise: ‘together, we can make a big impact,’” she explained in the interview. 

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