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This Is Why You Need To Visit Yanbu City in Saudi Arabia

Located on the Red Sea coast in the western part of the kingdom, this port city with its nature, history, and bustling life is truly a Saudi Arabian hidden gem. The original name of the area is Yanbu’ Al Bhar in Arabic translates to spring by the sea in English. Although it’s originally known for being an industrial area as the oil and petrochemical fields are booming there, recently in the past years it has been hyping up its touristic and scenic qualities as well, attracting many visitors from around the kingdom and outside.

Here are our favorites parts of the city:

The History

Inside Yanbu, lies an old town scattered and lined with historic buildings and structure, including a lighthouse. For all the history fiends, you can walk between the structures and try to trace back the stories and tales of the people who once lived there. The buildings are still in good shape so you can easily let your imagination take its toll.

The Nature

Did you know there exists a beautiful body of water inside the city? Yanbu lake is an artificial masterpiece which gives the area such cool aura. A stroll around it during springtime is one of the simple delights locals swear by. Adventurous souls if you’re not into the “picnic by the lake” category, you can opt to camp and stargaze in the mountainous and rocky terrains that are also equally beautiful and serene.

The Yanbu Flower Festival Park

Vivid colors and flowers as far as the eye can see, this heavenly festival hits the city once a year to create the largest flower carpet in the world – approximately 10,713 square meters large. Not only is it quite a sight for sore eyes, but it also raises awareness on the environment and proper planting techniques. People who have home gardens, or want to, can start right with this event.  

The Waterfront Promenade

The water’s crystal clear, and set against the lush greenery, and the blue skies, Yanbu’s waterfront is one of the most beautiful ones in the country. If you’re the luxe type, there as several lavish resorts you can stay and get pampered at. If you’re the chill type, a stroll on the sapling-lined coast will be all you’ll ever need.

The Sunsets
Being set by the sea, the sun-downs are guaranteed to be spectacular. We’re not going to do much talking, as we’ll let the pictures say what they need to say.

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