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World Exclusive: Renowned Model Halima Aden Partners with Modanisa to Create Debut Hijab Collection

Last weekend at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, fans of more demure styles were treated on the event’s opening day to the creative vision of supermodel Halima Aden as she unveiled her first-ever collection of hijabs. Known across the globe as the world’s first hijabi model to become an Allure Magazine cover girl, the first woman towear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant,and the first hijabi to model for major Fashion Week shows, Aden’s recent foray into the world of fashion design has resulted in a stunning range of turbans and shawls, made possible through her collaboration with award-winning modest e-tailer

Launched in 2011, is Turkey’s first online clothes portal and the world’s original modest fashion brand, garnering a staggering 16 million visitors every month. Not only is the go-to site for modest women across the globe looking for top-notch fashion items to spruce up their closets, it is the name behind the much-anticipated Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, which launched in 2016.

If you’re wondering where you can get a piece from Aden’s debut collection of headscarves, look no further: the Halima x Modanisa collection will be sold exclusively by the e-tailer. Registered users of the Modanisaapp will be able to buy their favorite pieces by Aden starting April 29 and the rest of Aden’s fans across the globe will be able to grab a piece from her debut collection the next day, on April 30, via the Modanisa website. The good news doesn’t stop there: the Turkish e-taileralso announced in a recent press release that even more stylish accessories are set to drop once Ramadan begins in early May.

During her campaign shoot two weeks agoin New York for the new collection, Aden spoke about what the collaboration means to her, saying, “With the Halima x Modanisa collection, I want to celebrate women around the world through fashion and encourage them to be pace-setters and change-makers. Beauty is power and it comes in so many forms. We, as women, need to be one another’s biggest cheerleaders.”

The exclusive collection was created with the modest dresser in mind but it also offers an aesthetic that can appeal to every woman. Comprising 47 pieces, the collection is a striking mix of high-low styling with must-have shawls and turbans that can be worn beyond this season. Expected to be the most sought-after item from the collection isAden’slimited-edition handmade turbans, 10 different pieces, each one specially designed and hand-crafted by artisan producers. In addition, the collection offers eight styles of high street-friendly turbans, and for those who are not superconfident with putting on a turban, don’t fret, the collection offers pre-ties, aunique design element for novice turban wearers or for a pro in a hurry.

The collection also consists of 17 crepe shawls in a range of colors with the Halima logo embroidered on each piece. If you are looking for block prints in cool colors, such as sky blue and off-white, Aden’s got you covered. The printed shawls sport geometric patterns and updated versions of classic florals. For a more understated look, there are 100% cotton shawls in seven plain colors with the Halima logo as the only detailing. For those seeking bolder prints, you have a choice of five stunning patterns in another set of Halima-branded 100% cotton shawls.

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