SugarMoo Creates Playful Twists for Ramadan Desserts

The delicious out-of-the-box collection includes cakes, cake jars and maamoul.

Biggie Kunafeh Cheesecake

If you’re expecting guests this Ramadan, most of them will be hoping to experience the sweeter side of life. Well, if making desserts isn’t your forte, SugarMoo can help you ensure they still get to end that Iftar on a sweet note.

Lotus Wake Me Up Moon Cake

As well as being known for its delicious freshly baked homemade desserts, the UAE’s first online dessert delivery business specialises in “desserts done different.” And this Ramadan, they have come up with some playful spins on Holy Month staples, which will be a delightful talking point for your guests for while.

Holy Moly Brownie

Whether it’s for Iftar, Suhoor or anything in between, here are some of the scrumptious sweet treats to try:

After Iftar Cake

The post Iftar treat is a mix of vanilla sponge and blue glazed fondant.  The cute character at the base depicts someone who clearly indulged a bit too much.

Vimto Toot Cake

This chocolate cake sponge, layered with white chocolate mousse, is for all those Vimto fans out there. The mousse is delectably infused with the go-to drink and blackberry compote.

Date My Vegan Cake

The company’s famous vegan cake will be topped with a decadent homemade date paste, crunchy pistachios and coconut truffles.

Lotus Vegan Cake
Another heavenly choice for those on a plant-based diet, this is a mesh of chocolate soy with lotus biscuits and vegan caramel.


SugarMoo has added a taste of Italy to that Ramadan classic, Maamoul, this year. The mix of crunchy biscuit has been stuffed with the dreamy hazelnut paste Nutella instead of dates.

Milky Way Cake Jar

This tasty sweet option comes with a bottle of SugarMoo’s secret experiential Tres Leche Milk formula.

SugarMoo will also be offering other delights such as Brownie Halawa Cake, Kunafah Cheesecake, Holy Moly Brownies, Lotus Wake Me Up Moon Cake and the Umm Ali bundle.

With a number of dessert labs, SugarMoo can deliver the sweet concoctions to your doorstep in just 90 minutes, from May 3 till June 9.

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