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Moon Valley: Jeddah’s Little-Known Gem

As well as hiking and camping adventures, the hideaway offers unforgettable spectacles for sunset seekers and astronomy enthusiasts who get a kick from lying under a canopy of stars.

After a hard-working week, there’s nothing like a getaway from the city, and a local camping trip can be the perfect solution to forgetting about the trials and tribulations of daily life. While it gives you a vacation-like experience, you don’t have to travel too far from home or worry about having a limited amount of cash.

If you’re living in Jeddah, one perfect spot for a camping break is Moon Valley. Situated near Usfan, next to Jabal al Jadib, Moon Valley boasts unique rock formations with mind-bending shapes, which look like a sculptor carved them, that date back to thousands of years. They’re surrounded by a stunning landscape and beautiful views, all helping to make Moon Valley – which is actually a stretch of desert rather than a valley – a popular stomping ground for nature-loving Jeddahwis.

Going on mind-opening hikes around the area is one of the favourite outdoor activities for eager explorers. Campers, who take pleasure in setting up a tent and starting a bonfire with entrancing glowing embers, are regulars at this extraordinary site too.

However, taking time out to just marvel at nature’s wonders is also another reason to head out to Moon Valley. For one, it’s a prime location to take in amazing sunset views. Who doesn’t love to see bursts of colours like gold, lavender and saffron melting together? Plus, the dazzling moon and mass of stars lighting up the sky once night falls are a sight to behold. Avid stargazers will be able to point out constellations like Orion’s Belt much easier thanks to the ultra dark sky, which is free of the light pollution found in the city.

Visitors can make the relaxing ceremony of lying on the ground and just observing the stars for hours even more interesting by downloading a stargazing app. Another reason for people who are looking to unwind, yet discover to head out to the must-visit gem is to take advantage of the feeling of being enveloped in complete silence. We’re talking about the type of silence that doesn’t include a buzzing air conditioner or hearing the neighbours argue.

All images are courtesy of Kamal Photography

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