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If you’re thinking of making it big in the booming beauty industry, check out one of the biggest beauty events in the region.

Zareen Shah, founder of THEMAEKUPCLASS

The beauty industry continues to challenge gravity, with growth happening online and in stores. The US sector alone is expected to rise from $80bn to a whopping $90bn by 2020. One of the reasons is the rise of innovative make-up products and brands, and women enjoying a journey of exploration with them.

Make-up by Vlada Haggerty

Entrepreneurship and creative thinking, with loads of new ideas about how to enhance beauty looks by young, independent brands is also playing a role in the significant international boom. Acquisitions, social media and readily available images of celebrity beauty practices are steering a lot of business too.

Make-up by Zareen Shah

Since the Middle East is following suit thanks to the 'selfie generation', Zareen Shah, Founder of THEMAEKUPCLASS, has created the UAE’s first make-up industry event. An amazing experience for the field’s professionals from the UAE and MENA region as well as the public, the event will be held at Zaaabel Ladies Club on April 27-28.

Vlada Haggerty

There’s a host of activities make-up lovers can benefit from, whether it’s masterclasses, hands-on workshops or panel talks. Make-up expert Vlada Haggerty will be in attendance and visitors can meet and greet various leading international and regional make-up artists, with some coming armed with experience working backstage during Fashion Weeks and on international editorial campaigns.

Make-up by Vlada Haggerty

If you’re involved in the beauty industry or are thinking of starting something in the field, THEMAEKUPCLASS will also be a great platform to network, encounter and engage with industry professionals, opening up opportunities for partnerships and future collaborations. The two-day event will help make-up enthusiasts discover emerging beauty brands from the region, as well as build a rapport with some of the biggest brands in the industry. As a plus, the trade show experience even gives everyone a chance to purchase products at a discounted rate.

Tickets: AED 250 / day or AED 350 for 2 days.

For registration, click here.

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