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How Much Is Huda Kattan Worth? You’ll Be Amazed

The internet has given us a platform and social media has created billionaires. Social media has given way to an entire generation of entrepreneurs, using every platform to monetize on their products and endorsements. Business of Fashion, this month, have featured Huda Kattan and highlights her billion-dollar beauty business as an example of just how lucrative the internet and social media has been over the past decade.

Not only has the internet and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube given influencers a kind of fame that was once unattainable, unless you were a model, singer, actor or the likes, but has also boosted sales for e-commerce sites, including FarFetch, Net-A-Porter, Matches Fashion etc on which small fashion and beauty brands are stocked and sold.

Huda Kattan ranked at 37th globally on Forbes’ 2018 Richest Self-Made Women list and is valued at an astounding $550 million (AED2 billion) – and her business, Huda Beauty is valued at $1.2 billion (AED4.4 billion).

Others like Huda, including Stefano Pilati and Gabriela Hearst, are coined “modern entrepreneurs” by Business of Fashion this month. Kattan, was a blogger and YouTube sensation to start with – where she taught beauty and makeup hacks, tutorials, and product reviews – growing a following of over 35 million on Instagram and 3 million + on YouTube, owing a great amount of her financial accomplishments to her fans who want in on everything she does. From collaborations and her own makeup line to a Facebook reality show – they want it all.


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Huda Kattan is a woman with many titles; she’s a reality TV star, YouTuber, influencer and business woman and amongst all this – she sits amidst the likes of Serena Williams on the covers of BoF’s latest issues. The publication has created these covers to celebrate the international stars who have overcome obstacles and adversity within their fields.

The Iraqi-American makeup maven, Huda, was also featured on Business of Fashion’s YouTube channel where she was asked some “quick-fire questions” and revealed that her inspiration to become an entrepreneur was Steve Jobs – as he created products that “people wanted before they knew they wanted it” – also stating that she puts herself in the place of Huda Beauty’s target audience and tries to create makeup looks and products that she would want to see in the market. Always ahead of the game, Huda Kattan is an inspiration to many.


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