Two Female Emirati Students Invent a Cooling Jacket for the Middle Eastern Summers

UAE students Hind Issa Abdulkarim and Budour Al-Youssef have invented a cooling windbreaker. So what does it do? This genius invention will greatly contribute to reducing the effects of workers' exposure to very high temperatures in the summer. A problem that causes a worrisome decline in productivity and health problems.

The invention of the Grade 12 students is characterized by a smart technology adapted to the temperature of the external weather. Through small tubes carried by the jacket, the cool liquid held will cool the body of the worker, and protect the heat of the sun, thus allowing them to perform their duties without any discomfort from the sweltering weather.


This jacket can be an amazing solution for those who cannot function in the high temperatures in summer. But its uses do not stop there, as the windbreaker can also be used for individuals who want to maintain their outdoor sports exercises during the summers as well.

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