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Colored and Chic: Here Are Our Favorite Tux Tales

They can be dressed down for a work meeting with a turtleneck underneath, a bun, and your favorite Birkin bag, or they can be dressed up with a lace bralette underneath, your sparkly dancing shoes, and a clutch. Suits are a closet item must-have, because of their versatile nature they can be adjusted to any situation you’re in.

The pants come in all the shapes from flare John Lennon types to straight-cuts, and the blazers also start from the form-fitting to the double-breasted loose numbers, leaving all tastes conquered. With the neon tones widely seen everywhere from the runways to red carpets, the outfit becomes even more of a statement. Power dressing with a dominant color, and you’ve got an outfit speaking for itself right before any of your accessories compliment it, so minimalism is the key when wearing a flagrant suit.

Velvets and velour suits were also met and not just in the usual dark green and dark blues, but a gorgeous Racil Chaloub light pink two-set caught our eyes. Oversize was also a dominant factor, which prompts us to think about taking a little scavenger hunt in our partners’ closet.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity looks rocking different colored suits:

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This NYC-bred brand revels in the understated yet performative arts, and it's working perfectly for Amandla Stenberg. This Rosie Assoulin suit is structured and subtle with its notch lapel jacket, but it also brings on the exceptional and the electric blue in the form of wide-leg trousers and long sleeves with the hint of print underneath it, bringing together the whole look.

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Looking ever so trouble-free with a hand in pocket, Jamie Chung opted for a Deisgners Remix suit. Shoulder pads and straight cut tranlsate into your everyday suit, but introduce to that a low cut feature and her own collection 42Gold suede heels, and you've got yourself a semblance.

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Tailored to the tip, Sean Christopher London suits are made for the wearer and only the wearer. This Saffron orange complimenting Beverly Knight's skin marvelously is hand-made and spread out to a tight-fitting blazer jacket held by one single button and layered on bootcut trousers.

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Different shades of the same color put together in one outfit is a huge hit this season, even with different tones of denim. Chloe Grace Moretz is wearing a LOROD suit, and here we're declaring it's shapes over shades. The business-chic delineation is all we can think about, regardless of the play on colors. It's not the usual oversized it-girl blazer or the eccentric it-pants, but it's evoking power and style, and we're here for it. 

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Amen is proclaiming Cara Santana the center of attention in this alluring suit. Do you need to wear a shirt when your attire is screaming sparkles and royal purple? We think not. 

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If you're familiar with Norma Kamali's creations, then you know it's a full-on show with feathers, ruffles, patterns, vinyl, and colors. Don't be startled, a great designer can do the less is more mantra when the occasion calls for it, and this is exactly what she pulled off here. Kamali dressed a Victoria's Secret sensation, Cheyenne Maya-Carty, with this tight-fit velvet purple nipped at the waist yet still looking ultra-comfortable.

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Yes it's a Racil Chalhoub suit, so now you can understand where the first feeling of awe comes from. The talented tailor is making womens' dreams of versatile tuxedos - in this case, Emma Willis' dreams - come true. Double-breasted jacket, slouched-up sleeves paired with straight-legged cropped pants, coming together in this delightful velvet shimmery pink. It's definitely a Racil.

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The single-button is back and now it's in the form of oversized Versace. Consider the power of this single button holding the slouched-shoulders, hefty waist-line, and long sleeves together on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It seems to be androgynous yet it oozes of such formidable feminine feistiness. We love it when a simple cut makes such a scintillating statement.

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Bella Hadid is wearing a Dior Homme suit paired with sneakers and boasting of yellow; the ultimate street-style look. Menswear can be as exciting and sexy as any coveted look on a women's fashion runway, and with that gold chain and sleek hair, Bella amazingly paves the way. We're not joking when we say you can easily look for inspiration from the men in your lives, and maybe rob a few items. 

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Championing high-street fashion dominaton, Jess Glynne here is wearing a River Island ensemble. A full-length blazer on top a smaller blazer emblazoned with silver eye-catching buttons, and flare cropped culottes. The fierce Bvlgari necklace is everything this highlighter yellow outfit needs. 

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The style we've been seeing everywhere; double-breasted with a loose, oversized look. But the catch here is the heavenly emerald green on Olivia Wilde. Known for the brand's impeccable craftsmanship, the Erdem suit with its large buttons and flared trousers is the epitome of elegance and comfort all combined in one tux.

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We trust Zuhair Murad to have a hand in any exciting garment, especially this velvet dark-green number. The exquisite details lie in the quaint golden belt hasp, the integration of colors and textiles, and the subtle drama found in the slightly pointy shoulders. We also trust Shay Mitchell can pull off quite literally any style.

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A big burgundy Filles á Papa suit with 3 white accents added to it is what Kourtney Kardashian chose to wear on a day out. Paired it with a bralette, burgundy leather boots, statement shades, and slicked back hair, the outfit is the epitome of dapper power-dressing.

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Cinq á Sept made a straightforward suit red-carpet worthy by adding metallic pins to accentuate the lines of the outfit. A truly quintessential combination that gives the look character and charm, and what's more is that it's worn by Sophia Bush.

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Stephanie Shepard here is wearing a Styland 3-piece suit comprised of a vest, blazer, and trousers which in theory might seem overwhelming, but the winning combination of red silk layers is working amazingly here.

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Olivia Palermo decided to pair a Victoria Beckham classic suit with a black high-neck blouse, and workwear inspiration is born. Who said corporate jobs have to be bore?

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