Tarantino, Godard, Chaplin: Candid Captures of the World's Most Renowned Directors

Preston Sturges with Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda on the set of The Lady Eve in 1941

Nothing is more exhilarating than watching the great minds behind some of the most invigorating works in the world flip, turn, direct, and implement their ideas into reality. Every creative has his/her own way of directing the talented crew, and it's pretty cool to see what they looked like while doing that. It gives us that ever-so-fleeting touch into the unattainable mind-set that Godard was in while he directing Breathless. 

In our age, it’s much easier as we always get a couple of snaps sneaking into the crew’s social media platforms. However, back then when the likes of Sophia Loren and Anne Baxter were dominating the silver screen with the direction of the masterminds behind Heller in Pink Tights and The Blue Gardenia, there wasn’t much Insta stories to click through - but thank God for archives and human interest in the golden era of film.

Here’s a sneak peak into the endearing candid shots taken of some of the world’s most famous film directors in action:

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1- A candid of Jean-Luc Godard taken in 1980 on the set of one of his films

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2- Robert Zemeckis with actress Michelle Pfeiffer and actor Harrison Ford on the set of  What Lies Beneath in 2000

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3- Quentin Tarantino on the set of Django Unchained in 2012

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4- Stephen Frears with actress Michelle Pfeiffer in the set of Cheri in 2009

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5- Alfred Hitchcock with actress Grace Kelly and actor James Stewart on the set of Rear Window in 1954

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6- Tim Burton on the set of Big Fish in 2003

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7- Nora Ephron on the set of You’ve Got Mail in 2000

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8- George Cukor with actress Sophia Loren on the set of Heller in Pink Tights in 1960

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9- Robert Altman with Anne Archer on the set of Short Cuts in 1993

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10- Woody Allen filming in 1977

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11- Charlie Chaplin in 1915

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12- Martin Scorsese in 1998

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13- Bryan Singer in 2000

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14- Gillian Armstrong, Winona Ryder

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15- Samuel Fuller never without his cigar, year unknown

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16- Spike Lee directing a scene in Get on the Bus in 1996

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17- Terrence Malick with actor Martin Sheen on the set of Badlands in 1973

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18- Bernardo Bertolucci on the set of The Sheltering Sky in 1990

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19- Michelangelo Antonioni, year unknown

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20- Josef Von Sternberg in 1933

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21- Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 2012

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22- John Carpenter with Thomas Ian Griffith on the set of Vampires in 1997

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23- Pier Paola Pasolini, year unknown

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24- Jean Renior with actress Paulette Goddard on the set of The Diary of a Chambermaid in 1946

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25- Leni Riefenstahl on the set of Olympia in 1938

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26- Sir David Lean on the set of Ryan’s Daughter in 1970

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27- Fritz Lang with actress Anne Baxter on the set of The Blue Gardenia in 1953

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28- Jean-Jacques Annaud with actor Jude Law on the set of Enemy at the Gates in 2000

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29- Satyajit Ray, year unknown

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30- Robert Rodriguez with actor Johnny Depp on the set of Once Upon a Time in Mexico in 2003

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