5 Reasons Why You Should Try Solo Travel

We break down five reasons to take a trip by yourself, one of life’s most liberating, rewarding and life-changing experiences.

Travelling with family, friends or a partner is definitely a great bonding experience. However, there’s also a convincing case for going on an adventure by yourself, as many people are finding out. Interest in solo travel has been climbing sharply recently and the travel industry is coming up with lots of ways to accommodate the growing trend. Now that it’s become much easier, it’s time to rethink those excuses and try it, at least once.

1. Lets you cross names off that bucketlist.
Like everyone else, you probably have a bucketlist of places you dream about visiting. But you might be holding off those trips because you can’t find anyone who wants to go backpacking around Europe, visit the famous Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or dolphin and whale watch in British Columbia. Or if they do, they don’t have the money or can’t make the trip the same time you can. You merit having the travel experiences you want and shouldn’t have to sacrifice your dreams, especially when all it requires is making a few arrangements.

2. Allows you to customise the trip your way.
Unfortunately, most of us have limits to the time and money we can spend on holiday. Travelling alone is a great way to maximise your satisfaction as you can customise your trip 100 percent to your individual preferences. Have you ever stayed quiet about wanting to spend a few hours at the museum because you knew your friend wouldn’t enjoy it and you didn’t want to leave her alone? While travelling alone, it’s all about your needs and desires when it comes to eating, sleeping or visiting places. What’s more, you can be more spontaneous and book some last minute tours, according to which way the wind blows that day.

3. Lets you get to know yourself more.  
Today’s digitally connected world means we’re constantly bombarded with messages and images even after we’ve spent the whole day at work, leaving us little time for reflection. While it might not be everybody’s cup of tea, spending some time alone is a great way to get to know yourself better. You may be surprised at how enjoyable your company is and you may discover new interests. Also, Introspection and distance can make you see things with fresh insight and perhaps even let you solve a problem. Just imagine the bliss of watching a superb sunset or going on a sunrise hike without any chatter.

4. Connects you with new friends.
A lot of people feel afraid to go on an escapade alone because they believe they will feel lonely. However, being unaccompanied actually allows you to meet lots of new people. In fact people who are alone appear more approachable to others as they’re not busy talking to someone else. If you’re an extrovert looking for company, there are some easy tips like eating at the bar so you can chat to the bartender or finding some street food or places you know expats visit. An added bonus is meeting like-minded new friends when you do that cooking or yoga class you’ve been thinking of. As a solo explorer, you’re already very interesting to most people.

5.  Builds up your character.
Travelling already changes your outlook as you encounter new cultures, see new sites and get to see how differently people live. However, when you’re alone these observations increase as you have more of an opportunity to concentrate. In return, this tends to build up curiosity and makes you interact in a kinder fashion. Plus, it’s a confidence booster, things like figuring out the metro system or dealing with an unexpected delay alone can all give you a sense of empowerment and accomplishment, which you take back home with you. Whenever you’re faced with a challenge, you know you’ll be able to handle it because you explored the world all on your own.

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