Saudi Princess Jamila To Become First Woman To Participate in Camel Racing in the Kingdom

Saudi Arabian women are making strides like never before across various sectors and industries and they have surprised once again, this time in the field of camel racing. This week, the Kingdom announced that Princess Jamila Bint Abdul Majeed Bin Saud Bin Abdulaziz will become the first woman in Saudi Arabia to compete in camel racing in the Kingdom, participating in the third edition of King Abdulaziz Camels Festival.

The announcement was made by Sheikh Fahd Bin Falah Bin Hathlin, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Camels Club according to Saudi Gazette. Bin Hathlin congratulated Princess Jamila, wishing her success. Indeed, her involvement in this year’s event, which will see her racing on its closing day in the presence of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, has been hailed by many across the country as a milestone one, as she is breaking into what has always been a traditional male-dominated sport.

Sheikh Fahd Bin Falah Bin Hathlin

Camels are a key part of Saudi Arabia’s history and heritage and have been making a comeback over the last few years in a grand way. Last year in September, the country’s Crown Prince Camel Festival was named the World’s Largest Camel Sporting Event. This distinctive world record was made possible by the participation of 11,186 camels in 787 rounds of competition, and the announcement came in the lead up to Saudi Arabia’s 88th National Day celebrations.

In addition, Saudi Arabia has always been famous for its annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, which was held last year in August in the Southern Siahed in Dahana Desert, 140 kilometers from Riyadh. Its beginnings have been traced back to 1999, when a group of local Bedouins founded the festival as a competition for the most beautiful camel. It quickly gained popularity, receiving support from the royal family and transformed itself into a heritage event, attracting people from across the region, including key figures in business and politics.

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