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Rice Islands, Temples, and Skylines: Indonesia's Enchanting Beauty

Serpong, Banten, Indonesia

Jakarta-based photographer Nala Rinaldo brings together in this series captured moments from rural Indonesia to the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, the country’s capital.

It’s truly surreal how one piece of land can hold several dimensions, each entailing different scenery and vibes, making it hard to believe that all these views fall under the same area code.

Rinaldo’s photography showed how the stunning rice islands and historic Buddha temples fuse with the urban life of the capital while maintaining the same style and even color palette at times. The greyish skies in some photos turn into buildings in others.

Get transported from the pastoral to the metropolitan Indonesia:

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Nihiwatu Rice Island, Sumba island

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Serpong, Banten

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Padar island, Flores

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Nihiwatu beach, Sumba island

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Marina Bay Sand Hotel, Singapore

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Patengan lake, West Java

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Lapopu waterfalls, Sumba island

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Borobudur temple, Central Java

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Nihiwatu beach, Sumba island

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Patengan lake, West Java

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