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Amaya Jones Jewellery: Minimal Designs That Lift Your Spirits

The Saudi-British designer uses healing and protective stones with energetic benefits in her pieces.

Creativity flows in the family, so it didn’t come as a surprise when Amaya Jones embarked on a journey as a jewellery designer. Her Saudi-Armenian mother, Aida Algosaibi-Stoklos, is a painter, while her British father follows his own imaginative path as an actor. Plus, her sister Skye is the photographer and up-and-coming model, who directed, styled and modelled in a campaign by Dubai-based eyewear label Roberi & Fraud.


I’ll be in Abu Dhabi selling my jewelry at @by.mirbad all weekend. Come by and say hello!

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While her mother’s aesthetic has been a powerful influence, it was the idea of leaving her grandchildren mesmerised, just like she was with her grandmother’s jewellery, that pushed Jones to start her Los Angeles-based eponymous brand in 2016.


Amaya Jones double charm necklace. 14K gold with diamonds and sapphires. Yin yang and night sky

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With its designer being fascinated with gemstones and their energetic properties, the label focuses on holistic fine pieces that have healing powers, enhance wholeness and bring balance. The chic handmade designs feature untouched, imperfect stones so each piece is unique. And Jones particularly loves sapphires, diamonds and tourmalines.


new libra pinky ring hand engraved Black Tourmaline Quartz set in 14K yellow gold #AmayaJones jewelry

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“Tourmaline is a very unique stone. It radiates with heat, repels negative energy, and relieve stress,” she told Vogue Arabia, “They are like little healing drops of nature to me, and I love that they come in all colours of the rainbow and completely change when sunlight hits them.” Whether it was on her minimal geometric necklaces, rings or earrings, Jones’s debut collection, “Sun,” was adorned with the bright stone.

Having lived in Tucson, Arizona for eight years, the collection was inspired by the Sonoran Desert. And with nature being one of the biggest themes in her work, it was the sea that inspired her second collection, “The Moon and Sea.” The minimal and dainty collection is composed of baroque pearls, which represent the moon, diamonds and sapphires, which signify the ocean. Everything is set in 14-carat gold, just like her newest pieces. These include the “Ying Yan” designs and hand engraved horoscope rings that come in gemstones like green and blue aquamarine and amethyst.

Jones, who also writes poetry, was born in London and moved to the US during her childhood. Her mixed background and living in big cities, as well as close to the desert, have all helped shape her artistic vision. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts and a master’s degree in Art Business from Sotheby’s institute. Jones has also had a few stints working in several galleries. 

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