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Sleep Expo Middle East Backs the Global Call for ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Ageing’

One of the most important things to learn on World Sleep Day 2019 is that a lack of ZZZs can accelerate human ageing.

Today is World Sleep Day, an annual internationally recognised awareness event hosted by the World Sleep Society. This year’s slogan is ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Ageing,’ which highlights the message that as we get older our quality of life can be improved with healthy sleeping patterns. And In light of the celebrations, Sleep Expo Middle East, the region's first-of-its-kind event dedicated to promoting a growing sleep movement, is supporting the global call for greater awareness and education on the importance of quality sleep in healthy ageing.

An interesting show for B2B and B2C, Sleep Expo Middle East, taking place from April 11 to April 13 at the Dubai Festival City Arena, is uniting the leading stakeholders of the sleep industry under one roof. Sleep technology experts, medical experts and health and wellness professionals will be discussing and showcasing the latest advances in the sleep technology sphere. Guests can tour the expansive showcase and watch live demonstrations from the industry’s best brands offering cutting-edge sleep technologies and solutions. The event also offers a two-day conference designed to tackle new developments, scientific discussions and the best practices in sleep health. Additionally, there’s a dynamic Sleep Care Zone, a dedicated area for visitors to experience services that will aid them in better sleep. 

The Correlation Between Little Sleep and Accelerated Human Ageing

Several studies have already shown that sound sleep habits can make a big difference in our quality of life. A great night’s sleep reaps many benefits, from smooth, clear skin, better memory and greater alertness to quicker reflexes and a stronger immune system. In contrast, sleep deficiency, an increasing problem in modern society, can cause many chronic health problems like heart  disease, hypertension, diabetes  and obesity. And this year the World Sleep Society is focusing on how lack of sleep can also accelerate human ageing.

Sleep is a time when the body rests and regenerates itself, and as we snooze, cell repair also takes place. When we do not get enough restful sleep, our bodies’ metabolic processes go in disarray and can even cause cell damage.

“Wrinkles, saggy skin and dark circles around the eyes are just some of the most obvious side effects of sleep deprivation. But beyond the face and beneath the skin, your body is ageing too, putting your health at greater risk,” Raj Shekhar, General Manager of homegrown brand Dufill Industries, LLC, says, “Based on studies, just one night of insufficient sleep can make an adult’s cells age quicker,” the representative of one of the largest manufacturers of bed linens in the Middle East adds.

Plus, as Abdul Karim Al-Sulaiman highlights, there is mounting research that indicates sustaining sound sleep habits in middle age shields us against age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease during senior years. “This is important to keep in mind, especially with Alzheimer's Disease (AD) found to be spreading fast in the MENA region and the World Health Organization predicting a 125 percent increase in the region’s number of AD cases by 2050,” the Managing Director of Bed Quarter Company, the exclusive authorised distributor of TEMPUR® mattresses and pillows in the region, says.

Jeffrey Chartouni outlines how getting quality sleep is one of the best things we can do for our health, beauty and overall wellbeing. “While growing old is inevitable, we can still age gracefully by looking and feeling better, and prioritising healthy sleep habits in our daily lives can help us achieve this,” the Sales Manager at Sleeping Plaza, the UAE’s sleep experts, says.

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