Three Emirati Women Have Invented a Smart Car with Innovative Features

Three female students from the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) are making headlines across the region and beyond for inventing a smart car that provides key benefits to society. The vehicle focuses on providing improved safety and security measures through truly innovative methods: it allows only people whose fingerprints have been registered by the car owner to access and drive the vehicle, and it also provides a smart notification system that alerts the owner or the police via text message.

With the help of their academic supervisor Dr. Khawla Al-Kaabi, students Mariam Al-Dosari, Fatima Al Mazroui, and Sarah Al-Yafie’e developed the smart car, which includes an application that sends text messages to the owner's phone if the vehicle is in use. In the case of unusual movement within the car, such as a child or pet forgotten in the vehicle, a message is automatically sent to the police that allows them to locate the vehicle. These key features also make the app an effective tool in the case of theft or car loss.

The vehicle offers an intricate system of sensors, a camera, the app, and other devices that communicate effectively to ensure enhanced security and safety. It is also equipped with a gauge that determines oxygen and heat levels, and works on cooling the car using a solar-powered fan. The app is connected to a motion sensor camera embedded in the car’s chairs that works on detecting any unusual presence in the vehicle. In addition, the app includes a feature that, when the person currently using the vehicle is identified through fingerprint recognition, their name appears on a screen, the stirring and mirror levels are adapted to suit them, and the vehicle plays music that is often chosen by that person. The fingerprint feature provides many advantages, allowing the car owner to choose who gets to use the car, minimizing issues of forgotten children in the car, and making lost keys a thing of the past.

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